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Enterprises are increasingly recognizing the potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in business transformation and making it a key part of their strategy. With the emergence of new AI models, AI adoption is on the rise, enabling enterprises to transform faster. is at the forefront of helping businesses transform with the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Our patented AI solutions enable enterprises to increase productivity, reduce time to market and improve customer experience. With our deep industry expertise, we empower businesses to realize the full potential of AI, drive growth and gain a competitive edge.

MPHASIS.AI SOLUTIONS as a strategic partner of, the world’s leading enterprise conversational AI platform and solutions company, will bolster its offerings to transform customer experience management and employee engagement for our enterprise clients. As a Platinum Partner of, Mphasis will benefit from their robust platform technology as well as go-to-market, product development and engineering support while augmenting the joint capabilities of both the companies. The partnership aligns into the Mphasis philosophy of being a Cloud-Native and Cognitive-First company.


Through a long-term engagement, Mphasis and will build synergies to ensure better integration, implementation, solutions development and product engineering, and deliver top-of-the-line conversational AI solutions to their extensive enterprise customer base that will set new standards for customer, employee, and agent experiences.


The partnership will help propel as the leader in the Experience Transformation space by leveraging's technology expertise to enhance its next-gen contact and service center offerings that are cost-effective, making it a preferred player, thereby accelerating market share growth. Know more



The power of AI and Machine Learning is easily accessible to the end customers with minimum barriers to entry through cloud hyper-scaler marketplaces. We provide solution offerings as well of professional consulting services through AWS and Azure for AI, ML and Quantum offerings.


Mphasis on Azure Marketplace
Multiple preferred solutions on AI, ML and analytics offered as cognitive solution offerings through Azure.
Al & ML Solution Listing

Additionally, we enable assessment offers, proof-of concepts and design thinking workshops on a custom basis as well as through cloud providers.
Consulting Services Listing

Mphasis Generative AI Blueprint on Microsoft Solutions
A strategic plan structured over a 10-week timeline, ensuring a step-by-step approach to the implementation of
Microsoft Azure OpenAI solutions.

Mphasis on AWS Marketplace
Mphasis listings on AWS Marketplace target practical, high-value use cases that can deliver immediate impact and ROI in critical enterprise business processes and operations. We are the Market Leader in ML & Quantum Solutions on AWS Marketplace.
AWS Marketplace Listings


Mphasis’ expertise in next-generation AI and machine learning can help accelerate your business processes through cognitive computing.



Contextual Innovation as a Service
Mphasis through the Sparkle program offers unique Innovation-as-a-service offerings that enable our enterprise clients to effectively outsource their innovation function in part or as a whole while gaining a very cost-effective ‘pay-as-you-use’ service.
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Focuses on research and innovation on emergent and future paradigms related to Mphasis’ focus areas through disruptive world class innovations, thought leadership, and industry relevant solutions.
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