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A leading patient services company, our client works with top manufacturers to improve medication access, adherence, and patient satisfaction. Supporting more than 80 products, they serve as a specialty drugs program hub to provide better experiences with critical therapies.


The client wanted to improve patient adherence, simplify healthcare for patients, and roll out more drug programs effectively and efficiently. For example, the case manager needed to enrich the patient’s end-to-end experience, and improve liaison with other stakeholders to provide accurate and timely information in all interactions. Sales analysts needed to identify, collate and use relevant information from internal documents to provide speedy RFP responses.



An interesting statistic about specialty drugs is that while less than two percent of us use them, they account for 51 percent of total pharmacy spending. The success of specialty drug programs calls for patient service companies to deliver the right insights for proactive point-of-care services. This includes program branding and development, awareness education of diseases to patients, and accurate information to physicians on dosage, affordability programs, etc.

We created a Conversational Agent Assist to generate precise answers from structured and unstructured documents. An Azure Storage of structured and unstructured documents served as the knowledge base, from which an Azure Form Recognizer and Azure Translator extracted relevant, accurate and timely information to a search layer with Azure Open AI service embeddings and the powerful search engine RedSearch. Azure Open AI embeddings and answering prompts provided the last-mile link to an efficient chat user interface in delivering comprehensive, accurate and trustworthy information to patients and providers — while also delivering competitive and differentiating information to sales analysts for RFP responses to pharma companies.

Document storage was efficiently segregated by programs, and pipelines were created to update documents to vector storage that was segregated by programs. Plus, strongly layered security was provided for data access through AD, VPN and firewalls.


Our AI-driven solution enabled the case manager to provide comprehensive, trustworthy, and accurate information on specialty drugs and drug programs to patients and providers for end-to-end patient support.

It also provided sales analysts with competitive and differentiating information to build effective RFP responses based on various internal documents and prior data.